Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Avicii and Leona Lewis sides reach agreement on plagiarism accusations

Swedish producer Avicii and Leona Lewis' sides have finally reached an agreement on the claims that Lewis' new single 'Collide' copies Avicii's song 'Fade into Darkness'.

If you're unfamiliar with the story, last month Leona Lewis unveiled her new single and it sounded suspiciously familiar to Avicii's instrumental track 'Penguin' which became vocal track 'Fade into Darkness'. The instrumental had been shopped around to different people, but ultimately Avicii's management decided he would release it with vocals from another artist.

Leona's camp had heard the track and decided that despite not having permission they would re-make Avicii's track for Leona under the name 'Collide'.This caused a backlash from Avicii and Ministry of Sound, who intended to release 'Fade into Darkness'; Avcii accused Leona Lewis of "lying" and Minitstry of Sound said Syco (Leona's label) were "stealing". 'Collide' producer Sandy Vee hit back by saying that Avicii had been credited as a songwriter on the track and would receive publishing rights. Avicii claimed that he nor his management had signed any legal documentation which suggested this.

Eventually, Avicii and his management went to the High Court in London last Monday to take on Lewis' management and Syco and request an injunction to stop the release of 'Collide' on 4th September.

Today the battle came to and end, with Avicii tweeted: "We've finally come to an agreement with Leona on all the issues. So happy to move on and focus on hit making!". He said he was "happy to move on with Leona and focus on having a hit together." This suggests that possible it will be credited as a "Leona Lewis & Avicii" track, which seems plausible.

We don't know the full details right now but presumably 'Collide' will be released as planned in September. No news as to whether 'Fade into Darkness' will get a release though. We'll do some digging and let you know!


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